Measuring for Replacement Doors

If you live in a mobile home, you know how frustrating it is to find information on replacing your doors. There are many ways to measure for a replacement door, but Elixir recommends that you measure your rough opening and select the replacement size which is closest. All mobile home door sizes are based on their rough opening size. If you were to remove your existing door, the opening in the wall is the rough opening (see photo to the right). That is the measurement you need.

Taking your measurements for a Combination House Type Door

In most cases you will have to take measurements prior to removing the door to avoid exposing your home to the elements. In that case, we suggest that you pull back your trim inside the home to expose the door jamb. Measure from outside of the jamb to the outside of the other jamb both in width and height. This will give you the correct rough opening. You will also need the width of your jamb, ie: 4" or 6".

Taking your measurements for a Single, Outswing Type Door

The most common mistake when measuring a mobile home door is to measure the door itself - this will result in an incorrect size. The correct way to measure a rear door if you don't know the rough opening is to measure the lid of the door (see photo at right). The lid is larger than the pan and is the side of the door that faces the outside of the home. The pan is inside the home. If you measure the lid, it will match the rough opening of the door.

Taking your measurements for a Storm Door

Storm doors use the same rough opening measurement of the combo door it will be installed upon. Do not measure the storm door but instead measure the jamb as if you were measuring a complete combo door.

Is my door left hand or right hand?

Go outside into the yard, turn around and face the door, whichever side the hinge is on, determines left hand or right hand. This is the same for rear doors, combo doors, and storm doors.

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